Terms & Conditions

To see the most recent version of the Little Beehive Nursery Group term and conditions please download them using the above button.

Terms and Condition are subject to change. You should ensure you have an up to date copy of these terms for your own records.

If you have any questions about our terms and conditions, email admin@littlebeehivenursery.co.uk and we will get back to you.

Terms and Conditions do not vary between our nursery locations, so whichever location your child is at, you can expect the same level of service.

Make sure you have access to Famly to keep up to date with nursery announcements and news, or follow us on Facebook for regular updates about the exciting things you're child has been up to at Little Beehive Nursery.

We want children and parents to have a fulfilling and fun experience while at Little Beehive Nursery. To help get the most from Little Beehive, you should read the terms and conditions closely, and print and keep a copy. 

You should also learn more about our Outdoors ethos, which encourages children to appreciate nature and explore the world around them.

Every Little Beehive Nursery in Fife and Tayside has strong links to the local community. If you have any questions about our philosophy, community links or teaching methods, then contact us.

Updated 18/04/2023