Choose Nursery in Fife or Tayside

Little Beehive Nursery was established in 1997. Since then, the Little Beehive family has grown. We now have several nurseries in Fife and Tayside.

Your children will have a wonderful time at any of our locations. You can choose from our:

Each of our nurseries have access to outside space, and individual links to their communities. We promote a fun, compassionate environment that your children will love.

The Little Beehive Nursery Family

When choosing a nursery in Fife or Tayside, it is important that you get to know the staff. Our team of early years practitioners are experienced and approachable, ready to discuss your child's achievements or any concerns you have.

Our team follow a child-centred ethos, encouraging children to make their own decisions and promote their own ideas. This helps children become more independent, confident and responsible.

Outdoor space

Every Little Beehive Nursery follows the Curriculum for Excellence, ensuring that child's learning meets the national standard.

We are also dedicated to exploring the outdoor spaces that benefit our nurseries in Fife and Tayside.

Getting out and about helps children develop an appreciation for the natural world and helps strengthen our ties to the communities we serve.

Visit us

We would encourage everyone who is considering sending their child to Little Beehive Nursery to visit us. Book a visit and we can show you around the nursery and you'll get to meet the staff that will be caring for your children.