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    Famly Nursery Software

  • What is Famly?

    Famly is "Nursery management software ", what we use on a day to day basis to run out nurseries! It does everything we need to make sure you and your child has the best experience at Little Beehive Nursery (Accounts, Sessions, Child information)

  • Using Famly software at Little Beehive Nursery
  • What makes Famly Special?

    We LOVE Famly, we added it to all our settings in 2018 and have not looked back. Not only does it stream line our operational task. It has also added to the child's experience too by giving the nursery practitioners more time to spend with the child on a day to day basis with less admin work. Each room as a Tablet that allows the practitioners to complete admin tasks on the go. 

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  • The Famly News Feed

    Famly has a fantastic feature called the Newsfeed, just imagine your facebook newsfeed (minus all the annoying memes!), it stores all the information relevant to you throughout the day.

    The nursery practitioners will upload photos, posts, information throughout the day so you cal always feel connected to your child no matter where you are. You can even comment, like and upload your own photos for the practitioners to see!

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  • Famly Accounts

    Famly have really focused on making the entire nursery experience as stress-free as possible when you log in you will be able to access all of your invoices, set up direct debits and message Credit Control if you have any issues.

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  • Practitioner usage

    We are often asked by parents if the practitioners are spending too much time updating the information and not spending enough time with the children, this couldn't be more of the opposite! Each room is fixed with a tablet that allows the team to upload information on the go, each post taking on average 30 seconds to put up.

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  • The Child's Journey.

    In Famly, we can keep track of your child's progress and development using the Famly "Journey" tab. In here we can send you updates, or as we call them, observations of your child's progress in areas such as, Literacy and English, Numeracy and math, arts, Sciences and lots more! Our practitioners will keep you updated throughout the child's entire journey at Little Beehive Nursery.

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