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Why private nursery is the right childcare option for you

29th October 2021

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Finding the right childcare option for you and your family can be difficult. In this blog we discuss the childcare options available, and look at the advantages of private nursery over other options.

Gordon Parkes


There are many different options for childcare available. This means it can be a challenge choosing the one that is right for you and your family. After all, choosing the type of childcare you use is a big decision.

However, there are many reasons why private nursery is the right option:


Private nurseries offer a degree of flexibility that other providers simply don’t.

If you choose council nursery, you will likely be assigned days when your child can attend. As this may not fit in with work you’ll need to arrange further childcare. Private nursery time can be scheduled around you, with the amount of days you require varying from week to week.


It is a common misconception that funded hours for childcare can only be used at council nursery. This isn’t the case.

You can use the funded hours at a private nursery or split them between council and private nursery. At Little Beehive Nursery, we offer funded places for eligible 2-year-olds as well as all 3 and 4-year-olds.

National Curriculum

One of the main reasons people send children to nursery is to prepare them for school.

This is because nurseries will follow the National Curriculum, ensuring your child will develop a love of learning.

Nannies aren’t required to follow the curriculum.

Language and social development

Children who attend nursery show greater social and language development compared to those looked after by a childminder or nanny. This is according to The Study of Early Education and Development by Oxford University.

This may be because children at nursery mix with a wider range of children and staff. Children at nursery also benefit by following the National Curriculum.


Employing a full-time nanny costs, on average, £34,000 a year (or £653 a week). If you are looking for a live-in nanny, there will be additional costs on top of that.

Parents in Scotland spend an average of £111 a week on nursery, or around £5,700 a year.

Whatever your situation, the final choice for childcare rests with you. You should always meet any childcare providers to ensure they are a good fit for your child.

You can arrange a visit to Little Beehive Nursery to meet our staff and see our facilities.

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