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Auction Success for Little Beehive Nursery Prodigy

1st April 2019

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The Little toddler who attends the Cupar Nursery has become an overnight star in the art world as their painting named “Poisson d’avril” has sold at auction for an astonishing £1,500,000 (One million five hundred thousand pounds).

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Matthew Martin

When asked for comment, the three-year-old wished to remain anonymous but did comment that the painting was “a work based on the current political climate and tensions surrounding certain issues around the world… or what i had for lunch, I  can't remember…”

The painting was originally spotted by a famous art collector, Julian Basura. Mrs Basura is a family friend and was visiting their home when she spotted the piece. “I could not believe it, how beautiful it was, it spoke to me, and I knew that it would go down as one of the greatest pieces of modern art to ever grace this planet.”

From there, Julian took the painting for a second opinion and a valuation at Sotheby's auctions in London. Auctioneer and valuator Tomas SØppel originally valued the painting at £10,000 - £20,000. “When I first saw it, I knew It was special, however even I did not know how special it was.” Mr SØppel commented. 

The auction took place on the 38th of February, however, due to a non-disclosure agreement we have been unable to discuss, in public, the details. The painting was part of the “Made in Britain” collection, an assortment of paintings and sculptures by top British artists such as Banksy, Lorenzo Agius, David Shrigley and many more.

Where will art take your child?


Director Carol attended the auction “I could not believe how busy the room was, and the buzz was unbelievable, everyone was talking about “Poisson d’avril” and the unknown Scottish artist who had created the mastepiece.” 

the bidding started at the low estimate of £10,000, however, after a few seconds, they had already surpassed double the high estimate, and it was still climbing. 

After a couple of minutes, it was down to a telephone bidder and a woman in the room. Back and forth between the two, the value climbed past a million and finally, the lady in the audience conceded and the phone bidder won. £1.5 million was the final bid as the gavel went down, a cheer erupted from the audience. .

When asked what the anonymous Little Beehive Toddler would do with all the money, they refused to comment, however, they did promise that it would not change them as a person… and that they would take all their friends on the bus to the park




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