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Uniform Roll out Success!

24th October 2019

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The little Beehive team are all looking fantastic in their new uniforms!

A long process of Brainstorming, Trails, Consultation and implementation over the last eight months have seen the Little Beehive team transformed into the best dressed and equipped nursery practitioners in the area! (If we do say so our selves…)

A final decision was made to use the uniform budget to create a “bundle” for each team member at each branch; the bundle had to be Fun, Durable and practical. Lots of ideas were thrown about, but we landed on the final decision of Beehive Gold and Beehive Blue colour scheme so we would be instantly recognisable anywhere and a three-layer system, Layer, Windproof, waterproof.

Off to work we went, Carol (Director) taking the lead on sourcing the best for each required category, many samples and trials later we ended up with the following.

2X Polos (Beehive Gold)
1x Wind resistant shell jacket (Beehive Blue)
1x Lightweight rain jacket (Beehive Blue)

An instant hit in the nurseries, it was just a case of rolling these out to all LBH team members. And as you can see, they all look great!

Our next challenge is maintaining this high quality of uniform, and we need your help with that, if you feel we have fallen below the standards you see at the moment, you can directly email, and we will look into it for you.

“We felt over the past few years, the quality of care we offer and facilities were lightyears ahead of our uniform and it was high-time we took on the challenge of uniforms, and what a fantastic outcome it has been! We hope to maintain this level and improve on it, if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them!” – Carol Craig (Director)

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