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Sanitary Products for Little Beehive Nursery Team

17th August 2018

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Little Beehive Nursery has taken the step to offer FREE sanitary products to their employees during working hours.

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Matthew Martin

Little Beehive Nursery has taken the step to offer FREE sanitary products to their employees during working hours.

Sanitary products will be available from their staff toilets all year round with an aim to help tackle period poverty.

“Our workforce is 98% woman, and the majority of us can testify to how expensive our time of the month can be!” Director Sandra Davidson commented.

“A 10 Hour working day can be hard enough, mix that with being on your period or being caught short, and it can turn a difficult day into a nightmare, we want to make sure that is not a possibility in our nurseries.”

Little Beehive Nursery will be working with FREDA, a sanitary product company that offers monthly deliveries for both personal use and corporate. The products are 100% organic and their own brand.

“We started this in August this year; we were not sure how the team would take to using different products to what they were used to. However, it seems to have been a success!” Sandra continued.

The initiative has been taken up around Scotland with councils, school and private companies all joining in to tackle period poverty, most recently, North Ayrshire Council.

Little Beehive Nursery has 75 Female team members out of 77 total.

“It’s a no-brainer for us to offer this and we are annoyed we did not find out about Freda earlier, with nurseries located in Cupar, Newport, Montrose, Kirkcaldy and Strathkinness we were worried about how to get the products to each branch regularly, however, Freda takes care of all of the logistics, and we do not have to worry about a thing!”

Emma (Pictured left) an early years practitioner at the Starthkinness Nursery had this to say, “There is always a worry about being caught with nothing on you. Usually, people are understanding and will lend you something if you are left a little short, but while I am here, I will not even have to worry about that.”

We at little Beehive Nursery want to make the day as easy as possible for the Team so that more time and attention can be focused on the children and their development. Let's hope this is taken up by other childcare providers!

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