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New Uniform Launch

20th August 2019

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Today we launched our new Uniform along with a new uniform policy! Last year Little Beehive senior management took a look at the current policy and decided to modernise and simplify the policy as well as provide adequate uniform for all weathers so nothing can stop us from going out doors !

It was decided that each practitioner at LBH should receive 2x Polos, a shell jacket and a Rain coat all for FREE with option extras such as a body warmer and winter coat available too.

Lots of trial and error to find the best materials, designs and logo placements, however, we are very happy with the outcome!

The launch will take pace at each nursery in the coming months, so don’t fret if you’re not sure why your nursery isn’t in the bright yellow polos just yet!

"It’s important to us for the team to feel comfortable and Confident every day and to be prepared for all weathers too! We are asking them to venture out on daily walks and trips so we feel we should supply adequate clothing to do so!" - Carol (Director)

If you have any feedback on the uniforms, we would live to hear about it! email us at

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