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22nd June 2021

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An indoor plant Transformation and Trial at Cupar Little Beehive Nursery & Pre-School. 

Well, not quite a jungle (yet!) however, we love being outside so much, that we thought we would bring some greenery inside with us!

A little Project that we have been working on behind the scenes with The Botanist and the Bee to turn our Cupar Nursery and Pre-School into a mini-jungle!

Learning about life cycles

The Botanist and the Bee are a Dundee based indoor plant specialists; we reached out to them in early 2021 to see how we might go about turning our nursery into a mini-Eden project to bring more colour, life and learning into the nursery.

The botanists and the Bee popped out, did an assessment of the Nursery and Pre-School and sent us over their green fingered plan and we LOVED it.

“Not only do the plants bring a fantastic freshness and homeliness to the rooms, they are also a great education tool, the children are already engaging with them and who knows, we might have a future botanist within our midst!” Carol Craig (Director)

Each room has its own plant plan, and each plant has been specially chosen by the Botanist and the Bee team to enhance the room.

       Our Cupar Pre-school

“We are considering this a trial to see how the plants fair and how the children of the Nursery & Pre-School interact with them, if all goes to plan, we hope to roll our big botany plan to all our other branches in the coming year” Carol Craig (Director)

A total of 36 plants were installed by the Botanist and the Bee in all three rooms and at all heights, some in pots at the children’s height, others hanging from the ceiling!

Visiting our Cupar pre-schoolNursery in Cupar

“The outdoors, and plants generally are a fantastic educational tool for the practitioners to use to inspire the children, taking care of them, watching them grow and learning out them will, hopefully, inspire a new generation of green fingered, Eco conscious children in our communities.” Sandra Davidson (Director)

A massive thank you to the Botanist and the Bee for helping us out, we can’t rate them highly enough If you are looking to add your own mini-jungle to your house!

Our Fife preschools

Learning about life cycles

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