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28th November 2022

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Community Pantry Launches at Little Beehive Montrose!

Community Pantry Launches at Little Beehive Montrose!

Katie, Room Leader +, has launched a Community Pantry for parents and colleagues to use to combat food waste in the nursery & pre-school.

Parents/carers and team members can access the pantry in the lobby that has close-to- expiry goods & a fridge containing left-overs from the lunch & snack in the nursery.

“We find sometimes there is 6/7 full meals left over, we have 50~ children and sometimes 10 team members to cook from, and even on the best of days with planning and portion awareness we are still left with some left overs. Add in any unexpected sickness and we can feed a Famly of 8 with all the left over food!” Director Carol continued, “So its great to see Katie come up with such a fantastic idea to combat the waste but also support families and team members of the nursery”

A post goes out each day to notify parents of any left overs and they are welcome to take what they like free of charge.

“It’s been such a success that we are rolling it out to all our other settings in the coming months – Great idea, well done Katie!”

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