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A new partnership with Carrie Temple Nutrition & Launching our new Menus!

26th May 2021

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We are excited to announce an ongoing partnership with Carrie temple nutrition! Carrie has been working alongside Little Beehive for the past month to help create our new Summer menu for our nursery children.

We launched cooked meals in all our services last August, and have decided to involve Carrie in an effort to improve the standard and understanding of nutrition for our nursery children.

As of Monday the 31st of May, our new Summer menu will launch. Carrie has been working alongside our provision Chefs to create the menus and will do so for the following three quarter menu rotations over the coming year.

Healthy eating in nursery

“We identified that we needed to re-vamp our nursery menus to ensure that we are offering healthy balanced menu choices to all of the children in our care. We looked for a nutritionist to help us on this journey and we have formed an alliance with Carrie Temple Nutrition, Kirkcaldy . Carrie has used our service as a parent at our Kirkcaldy nursey and she had a genuine interest in our future food journey.

We are very hopeful that our new Summer menus will be well received by all of the children and Carrie is preparing recipes not only for our nursery cooks but also for you to use at home.

We are seeking further improvements in our food journey by offering choice to children from the middle of August and we are also looking for ways to get feedback on the daily meals from our preschool children. Our Nursery cooks will be putting the weekly menus up on Famly from this weekend and you will be able to have direct communication with the nursery cooks via Famly. We are hoping some families will find this very helpful.”  Carol Craig (Director)


Carrie Temple Nutrition

“Hi, my came is Carrie and I’m a Nutritional Therapist. I’ve been running my clinic in Kirkcaldy, Fife for 6 years now. Day to day I work one to one with clients offering them diet and lifestyle advice to improve their current and future health. Whilst doing this I also work with groups of individuals addressing specific topics and requirements such as weight loss, auto immune conditions and athletic performance. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with the children and parents from local gymnastics clubs and dance schools too. It’s always a great honour and pleasure when someone wants to work with me on improving their health and well-being. 

   Carrie Temple Nutrition

I love working with the younger generation as this is when you can make the biggest impact. So when the team at Little Beehive Nursery contacted me about working with them on their seasonal menu for the children I was very excited. The nursery already holds a little soft spot with me as my little boy attended the nursery until recently. 

The staff where always friendly and welcoming and I know my son enjoyed the time he spent there.

Creating a healthy menu is the easy part but getting the children to eat it is often the challenge, as I’m sure many parents will understand. with the support and guidance of the team I have put together a menu that I think the children will enjoy whilst offering the healthy focus on foods that I know all parents would rather their children ate. Children enjoy eating in colour, they enjoy choice, variety and texture and I hope that my menus can allow them to explore their food whilst trying exciting new options and having a positive experience.”

If you would like to get in touch with either Carol or Carrie about the menus, please contact

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