Fife Council Funded Childcare

Fife Council Nursery Funding

Your Fife Council Nursery Childcare

As a Fife council nursery partner, Little Beehive Nursery offer 1,140 hours of free childcare per year for every child who is 3 years+. Unlike the council, we can offer a much more flexible arrangement of care, either offering Full years care (52 weeks) or term-time care (38 weeks)

Children who use Little Beehive nursery on a full-year basis are entitled to 21 hours and 50 minutes of free care per week and term time children receive 30 hours of free care per week. Pick any arrangement of sessions you like with us and either the first 21 hours or 30 hours will be free!

You can use your council funded nursery time at any Little Beehive Nursery in Fife.

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Why Choose Us?

Little Beehive Nursery is a great place to use your council funding, not only do you have access to our fantastic services, you can retain your learning and development journals on our system and track your child's progress right up to school. Just like other Fife council nurseries, we provide the curriculum for excellence, a curriculum designed to prepare your child for primary school and the rest of their lives in education.

Many parents/carers worry that their child might not make friends with the children they are going to school with the following year, we say, don't worry! Many children use Little Beehive Nursery right up to the first day of school, taking friends with them and making many more as they go.

Funding can also be split between services, if you would like to use some funding at another private/local authority nursery, not a problem – you can be on a split placement. Contact us today to find out if we’re a good fit for your child.